Character Connections

The Reluctant Lords

         Book 1 – A Traitorous Heart
Hero – Derek Simmons, Earl of Blackburn
Heroine – Tessa Simmons, Countess of Blackburn

        Book 2 – A Thin Line
Hero – Gabriel Hawke, Duke of Hawkescliffe (Derek’s best friend)
Heroine – Mikala Simmons (Derek’s sister)

        Book 3 – To Love and Protect
Hero – Justin Southerby, Viscount Southerby (Attempted to court Mikala Simmons)
Heroine – Lady Clarissa Blackerby (Was courted by the Duke of Hawkescliffe, and friends with Mikla Simmons)

The Rogue Agents

         Book 4 –  Taming the Wicked Wulfe
Hero – Lord Thornton (Thorn) Wulfe – owns the Lady Luck gaming hell and makes an appearance at the end of Book 3.
Heroine – Rebekah Johnson

         Book 5 –  Seducing the Ruthless Rogue
Hero – Director Stuart McKenzie (Mack) – Director of the War Office and half brother to Gabriel Hawke, the Duke of Hawkescliffe (Book 2)
Heroine – Cassie Graham, Daughter of Sir Arnold Graham (inventor) – both make a brief appearance in Book 3.

         Book 6 –  Enticing the Weary Warrior
Hero – Liam McTavish, Megan’s childhood sweetheart; Justin’s ex-best friend (To Love and Protect); Presumed dead these last 5 years
Heroine – Megan Southerby Dalmore, Countess of Dalmore is Justin Southerby’s sister (To Love and Protect).

Those Scandalous Taggarts

         Book 7 –  The Beast of Yorkshire
Hero – Duncan Taggart, Duke of Yorkshire
Heroine – Penelope Presley (her sister played an important part in Book #5 – Seducing the Ruthless Rogue)