Wild Lord Taggart

Those Scandalous Taggarts

Wild Lord Taggart – Book 2


He wants to forget the past…

Having just survived a duel, Reese Taggart, has decided he needs a change of scenery. Remembering a sugarcane plantation he won in a long ago card game, he sets off on an adventure where he hopes he can outrun the demons of his past.

She wants to carve out a future…

Circe Hayhurst just wants to escape the reputation of her parents, find a man to love, settle down have children. She also wants to be respectable. Sounds simple enough, right? Not so, when your shipboard companion to a Caribbean island is none other than Wild Lord Taggart. She is determined from the outset to stay away from him and see her plans through.

Fate wants to mess everything up…

Circe does not feel as welcomed as she thought she would at her uncle’s plantation on Barbados. Reese has found the plantation he won in a shambles with the only inhabitants a family of squatters and some errant mice. Nothing seems to be turning out the way either one wanted, but they always seem to seek each other out for comfort and solace. When situations go from bad to worse, will Reese and Circe reach out to one another, or are they both too stubborn to see what is in front of them? By the time they do, will it be too late?

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