Do you ever have one of those days?  It just doesn’t seem like anything is going right?  That was my day, especially in the technology realm.  I love technology.  I love everything about it: the ease of access, the content, the way there is always something new out there.  But today just wasn’t my day.  But one call to Apple (Nathan helped me) and my life was easily back in order.  He did not make me feel like an idiot or berate me for trying to fix it myself first.  He just simply asked a few questions and said, “This should be an easy fix.” And it

Thank you Nathan for fixing my computer.  Thank you Apple for having such lovely customer service.  And thank you sis for steering me towards the dark side!

~Tammy Jo

Happy Holidays!

I love the Christmas season, but I think I have mentioned this in an earlier post.  Today is officially Christmas (albeit early).  Later today me and the fam will have Mexican food and open presents while watching a little Grinch.  Between now and a week from now, I will attempt to do some reflecting as to what goals I want to set for the coming year.  But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy my accomplishments – 2 published novels!  I am so excited by this little bit of news.  I never would have imagined.  And for me, that is the best Christmas present ever!

Warm wishes & happy reading!

~Tammy Jo

christmas camel

Cabin Fever

For those of you that are not aware, those of us here in the North Texas region are on a Mother Nature Lockdown.  Most of us have been locked in our houses since Thursday evening because of a vicious cold front and ice storm that trekked its way through here.  The temperature today never reached above the low 20s.  However, this cold weather has indicated several things.

  • The end of football season is approaching.  High school playoff games were postponed, college conference championships were played, and NFL wildcard hunts begin.
  • The yuletide season is upon us.  So, what did I do?  I watched ABC Family Christmas movies on my Charter on Demand and then finished out the night by popping in White Christmas into the VCR.  Yes, VCR – kicking it old-school.
  • Also, for the girl who usually only drinks cold drinks, it was a coffee all day type of day for me.  (And that never happens.)

I worked hard on editing book #3, To Love and Protect, but had to fight hard against the cabin fever that had me clicking on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail, and anything else that could successfully distract me.  And halfway through the day I found myself thinking, “I would kill for a Dr. Pepper right about now.”

It looks as if we are going to have one more day that we are locked inside our igloos (most churches in the area, including mine, has cancelled services on Sunday) for another day.  So, here is hoping you and yours stay warm and toasty and find a way to beat your cabin fever for one more day!

Happy reading!

Tammy Jo