Seducing the Ruthless Rogue

TammyJoBurns_SeducingTheRuthlessRogue_800pxThe Rogue Agents Trilogy

Seducing the Ruthless Rogue – Book 2

As Director of The War Office, Stuart McKenzie, has proven himself capable of making difficult decisions in times of crisis and keeping government secrets safe. When he walks in on someone ransacking his study he quickly moves to apprehend them, only to be tossed on his back as the burglar escapes into the night. 

Cassie’s father has become a pawn in the fight against Napoleon. When the enemy kidnaps him, she will do anything it takes to get him back – including stealing government secrets from Stuart McKenzie, the Director of the War Office. 

When Cassie is caught, she reluctantly agrees to Mack’s assistance as there is something far more sinister going on. As Mack embarks on his mission, he will find that enemies are often closer than one would think and that sometimes your ally will come in the least likely form. When passion erupts between Mack and Cassie, they find their lives forever altered. But just as they believe their lives to be free of danger, a new threat is lurking about, promising to rip their tepid happiness away from them. Will they be able to trust each other enough to defeat this new threat, or will they be torn apart for all eternity?

I hope you enjoy Mack’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

STRR Excerpt

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